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Online scheduling software for businesses with hourly employees.

Build the work schedule in minutes and manage changes easily. Free forever.

Much more than a work schedule maker

  • Online Scheduler

    Online Scheduler

    Schedule employees using our free online schedule maker

  • Time Clock

    Time Clock

    Track time and attendance and run payroll faster with our employee time clock software

  • Timesheets


    Prepare your timesheets without a calculator and save hours every payroll period

  • Reporting


    Gain valuable insights into your business operations with our premium reporting features

  • Manager Logbook

    Manager Logbook

    Managers can communicate and share critical information in a logbook

  • Budgeting


    Set your budget and get informed when you build a schedule that goes over

  • SMS Notifications

    SMS Notifications

    Notifications for schedule updates, shift swaps, time off requests, overtime, breaks and more

  • Mobile Scheduling

    Mobile Scheduling

    Build and manage the from your mobile phone using our free employee scheduling app

  • Shift Replacements

    Shift Replacements

    Quickly find a replacement if someone calls in by inviting all available employees

  • Private Messaging

    Private Messaging

    Instant messaging so your whole workplace can stay connected

  • Payroll Export

    Payroll Export

    Once you have reviewed and approved your timesheets and export them to your payroll software

  • Remote Locations

    Remote Locations

    Scheduling workers offsite? Take advantage of our time clock app with GPS and make sure workers clock in where they're scheduled

  • Time Off Management

    Time Off Management

    Manage time off requests in one place from desktop or the mobile app

  • Group Messaging

    Group Messaging

    Message your whole team or a specific group of employees

  • Custom Availability

    Custom Availability

    Employees can set custom availability that gets cross checked when you build the work schedule online

  • Control Overtime

    Control Overtime

    Limit and keep track of all overtime scheduled and worked in your business to save money

  • Unlimited Locations

    Unlimited Locations

    Multiple businesses across many locations? Manage them all free of charge

  • Mobile Clock In

    Mobile Clock In

    Employees can clock in via their mobile phone using our employee time clock app with GPS

  • Photo Clock In

    Photo Clock In

    Eliminate buddy punching forever with photo clock in on tablet and mobile

  • Certification Tracking

    Certification Tracking

    Manage, track and report on training, licenses and professional development required by your workers

  • Unlimited Employees

    Unlimited Employees

    Schedule as many employees as you'd like free of charge

  • Shift Alarms

    Shift Alarms

    Reduce no shows by ensuring employees get notified before their shift starts

  • iPhone


    Free in the App Store, all the tools for you and your staff. Schedule maker app for your iPhone

  • Break Notifications

    Break Notifications

    Stay compliant in real time and get alerts to your employee scheduling app for upcoming overdue breaks

  • Android


    Free in Google play, all the tools for you and your staff

  • Shift Confirmations

    Shift Confirmations

    100% confirmation your workers have seen and know their upcoming shifts

  • Timeclock Terminal

    Timeclock Terminal

    Free app for a fixed tablet that workers can clock in and out from onsite

  • Permissions


    Set access levels for Administrators, managers and employees

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Receive or send push notifications for all important operations

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support

    Any questions? Need help? Reach out to our support team live 24/7 free of charge

  • Email Notifications

    Email Notifications

    Get notified via email of any changes to the schedule

  • Schedule Templates

    Schedule Templates

    Use an employee schedule template for faster scheduling so you don't have to build a new schedule every week

  • Shift Opportunities

    Shift Opportunities

    Post shift opportunities to your network so that open shifts can be filled by staff that want more work. Win-win!

  • Shift Swaps

    Shift Swaps

    Empower your team to swap shifts independently so you don't have to manage the process yourself

Everything you need in employee scheduling software

Simplify scheduling, improve staff accountability and reduce payroll costs

  • work schedule maker
    Schedule faster and smarter

    Build an error-free work schedule in minutes. Share it in one click. Availability and time off in one place. Manage changes easily from the mobile app.

    Employee Scheduling >
  • free employee schedule maker
    Communicate more efficiently

    Private and group messaging. Employees get schedule updates instantly and mobile notifications for upcoming shifts. No more texts and emails.

    Team Messaging>
  • free time clock app and software
    Track time and simplify payroll

    Track worked hours, breaks and overtime for more accurate payroll. Export timesheets and create payroll reports in minutes. Mobile time clock.

    Time Clock >
  • Stay compliant with labor laws

    Protect yourself from local employment laws. Real time notifications on overdue breaks and overtime. Block early clock-ins and overtime.

    Compliance Tools >

Track Time and Stay Compliant for just $2 USD per active worker per month

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  • "I would highly recommend any restaurant owner to spend 5 minutes playing with OpenSimSim to see how easy it is to use."

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    Eric Fillion, Owner of Pardon My French
  • Really love the functionality and convenience behind it! Very good communication tool for my team and it makes scheduling much easier.

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    Twixmux - App Store Review
  • We’ve virtually eliminated schedule miscommunication, and our team is able to better communicate within the software through it’s chat based messaging tools.

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    Eric Magruder, GM, Mike Hess Brewing Co.

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