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Free Online Work Schedule Maker

Free scheduling software for businesses with hourly employees

Build the work schedule in minutes and manage changes easily. On web and mobile.

Much more than a work schedule maker

  • Schedule faster and smarter

    Make an error-free work schedule in minutes. Share it in one click. Availability and time off in one place. Manage changes easily from the mobile app.

    Employee Scheduling >
  • schedule maker app
    Manage the schedule on the go

    Free mobile apps for iOS and Android. Build the schedule and makes changes to it anywhere, anytime. Get notified of shift swaps, drops and more.

    Mobile Scheduling >
  • free employee schedule maker
    Communicate more efficiently

    Private and group messaging. Employees get schedule updates instantly and mobile notifications for upcoming shifts. No more texts and emails.

    Team Messaging>
  • free online schedule maker
    Track time and simplify payroll

    Track worked hours, breaks and overtime for more accurate payroll. Export timesheets and create payroll reports in minutes. Mobile time clock app.

    Time Clock >

Free employee scheduling software for web & mobile

  • Online Scheduler

    Online Scheduler

    Save hours every week on your employee schedule with our free online schedule maker for web and mobile.

  • Time Clock

    Time Clock

    Track time and attendance, eliminate timesheet errors and create more accurate payroll reports with our employee time clock software.

  • Timesheets


    See the breakdown of hours, view where employees clocked in and out and export timesheet data to payroll in minutes.

  • Reporting


    Run comprehensive reports for staff KPIs, identify latecomers, view overtime reports, check break punctuality and identify cost overages.

  • Manager Logbook

    Manager Logbook

    Managers can communicate and share important information in a manager-only logbook.

  • Budgeting


    Set a budget and get notified when your schedule goes over on your desktop or mobile schedule maker app.

  • Notifications


    Notifications for schedule updates, shift swaps, time off requests, overtime, breaks and more.

  • Mobile Scheduling

    Mobile Scheduling

    Build and manage the schedule from your iOS or Android device using our free employee scheduling app.

  • Shift Replacements

    Shift Replacements

    Find a replacement by notifying all available employees of the open shift instantly.

  • Private Messaging

    Private Messaging

    Use instant messaging to quickly and conveniently communicate information to employees.

  • Payroll Export

    Payroll Export

    Once you've reviewed and approved your timesheets export them to payroll and create a report in minutes.

  • Remote Locations

    Remote Locations

    Our GPS enabled timeclock app verifies the clock in location of workers you've scheduled offsite.

  • Time Off Management

    Time Off Management

    Manage all your time off requests in one place with our request management system.

  • Group Messaging

    Group Messaging

    Instantly message your whole team or a specific group of employees.

  • Custom Availability

    Custom Availability

    Allow employees to set custom availability that gets automatically cross-checked when you build the work schedule.

  • Control Overtime

    Control Overtime

    Get notified immediately when a team member is nearing or has reached overtime.

  • Unlimited Locations

    Unlimited Locations

    Schedule as many locations as you want. Free forever.

  • Mobile Clock In

    Mobile Clock In

    With your permission employees can clock in via their iOS or Android device.

  • Photo Clock In

    Photo Clock In

    Eliminate buddy punching from your business forever with photo clock in for tablet and mobile.

  • Certification Tracking

    Certification Tracking

    Manage, track and report on training, licenses and professional development required by your workers.

  • Unlimited Employees

    Unlimited Employees

    Schedule as many employees as you want. Free forever.

  • Shift Alarms

    Shift Alarms

    Reduce no-shows and lateness by making sure employees get notified of upcoming shifts well in advance.

  • iPhone


    OpenSimSim for iPhone. Free in the App Store.

  • Break Notifications

    Break Notifications

    Stay compliant in real time and get alerted for overdue breaks, clock in violations and more.

  • Android


    OpenSimSim for Android. Free in the Google Play store.

  • Shift Confirmations

    Shift Confirmations

    Increase accountability by getting confirmation your workers have seen the most recent schedule and are aware of their upcoming shifts.

  • Timeclock Terminal

    Timeclock Terminal

    Set up a time clock terminal in your workplace using a tablet.

  • Permissions


    Set access levels for administrators, managers and employees.

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Receive or send push notifications for important schedule updates, messages and more.

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support

    Any questions? Need help? Reach out to a member of our support team. We're live 24/7. Free forever.

  • Email Notifications

    Email Notifications

    Receive or send email notifications for important schedule updates, messages and more.

  • Schedule Templates

    Schedule Templates

    Use an employee schedule template so you don't have to build a new schedule every week.

  • Shift Opportunities

    Shift Opportunities

    Create a shift opportunity so open shifts can be filled by employees that want more work.

  • Shift Swaps

    Shift Swaps

    Empower your team to swap shifts independently.

Stay compliant with OpenSimSim

Combine our free employee scheduling software with our time clock & compliance engine for $2.99/worker/month

  • Time Clock

    Allow your employees to clock in to breaks & shifts you've scheduled from their mobile device or onsite tablet.

    Time Clock >
  • Compliance Engine

    Create and enforce mandatory and custom breaks. Receive automated break and OT alerts for staff.

    Labor Compliance >

But don’t just take it from us

Read for yourself what employers & employees think of OpenSimSim

  • "Properly staffing shifts has become a snap with OpenSimSim, and managers now have more time to devote to restaurant operations. Whenever staffing runs short, shift opportunities are sent out to fill the gap via the mobile app."

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    James Newman, Supervisor, Sonic Drive-In
  • "It's easy for me to check my daily work schedule as well as request time off and trade shifts with colleagues. It updates quickly and has an awesome messaging feature that you can use with your coworkers and supervisors."

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    Kellen Dewey, Employee, Ballast Point Brewing Co.
  • "OpenSimSim is super easy to use and has the features we need without fluff we don't. It has cut my scheduling time down tremendously. The customer support is amazing and fast. The in app messaging is a huge bonus."

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    Karl Huber, Manager, Encore Event Technologies

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