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Scheduling made easy

Create schedules in minutes by copying shifts and creating templates.

Anywhere, anytime

Reduce no-shows by giving everyone visibility of the schedule anywhere.

Real-time communication

Schedule updates and send staff communications in real-time.

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Sick of paying once you hit a certain number of employees? or being limited in your scheduling capacity? OpenSimSim’s employee scheduler is completely free. Only pay if you want added compliance or clock in benefits, at reasonable, transparent pricing.

  • Multi Platform (iOS, Android & Web)

  • Shift and Template Scheduling

  • Vacation & Leave Management

  • Employee Availability

  • Weekly Budgets and Labour costs


OpenSimSim is free and always will be, updates included. How is it free?

"I would highly recommend any restaurant owner to spend 5 minutes playing with OpenSimSim to see how easy it is to use."
Eric Fillion, Owner of Pardon My French - San Diego, CA

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