What a manager needs
in a scheduler
OpenSimSim Delivers

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Eliminate Accidental Overtime

Assures employees are within their daily and weekly hour limits.

Manage from anywhere

Manage your schedule from anywhere.  Need someone to cover a shift? OpenSimSim has you covered.

Cost your schedules

Shows the cost of the schedule before publishing, breaking it down by position and/or areas.

Super Easy to Use

For managers & employees alike

OpenSimSim is highly intuitive so you won’t waste your time trying to understand it or struggle working with it. You can get started yourself (our online wizard will guide you) or ask for our assistance and training (also free). Either way, you will be publishing schedules in no time.
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Improve Worker Accountability

Employee shift notification on iPhone app

With OpenSimSim, you can send instant updates so that employee’s never have to ask when they are working. Minimize employee no shows and improve accountability across your entire team, making it easier for everyone to arrive on time, every time.

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    Shift Acknowledgements mean that you can tell when an employee has seen a shift, eliminating any potential excuses.

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    Communicate effectively with staff using message board and chat functionality to provide more detail about any changes to the schedule.

Different Access for Different Employees

Where multiple managers are involved, changing or updating schedules usually needs to be coordinated carefully. Not with OpenSimSim! You can set different permission levels to ensure that people only have access to the information they need, hiding any sensitive information such as employee pay rates, and budget cost information.

– Can view shifts
– Request time off
– Swap/drop shifts (administrator configurable)
– Can be assigned one or more schedules to manage
– Can set/view employee pay rates (or can be limited in access at administrators discretion)
– Approve time off
– Approve swap/drop requests (administrator configurable)
– View and edit worker details

– Can manage everything

App showing employee calendar on iPhone

Advanced features

For the power users

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    Schedule your workers to offsite locations. Great for catering and special events. Handles the logistics: who, where, when, and a map on how to get there. 

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    Schedule employees to different areas or locations, if need be. Employees’ hours and costs move with them, so no accounting nightmares ensue.

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    Allows scheduling positions within areas, e.g., waiters in patio, in bar, in main dining, and can calculate associated costs in a variety of ways.

OpenSimSim is your Know-it-all Assistant

By definition, a manager collaborates and communicates to get stuff done. In a hectic environment, the volume gets turned up and your work becomes not only very time-consuming but stressful, and you certainly don’t have a spare moment to get creative about improving the business. So you do what smart managers do: You get help!

You take on a know-it-all assistant, a scheduler named OpenSimSim, who has all the pertinent data on staff, is well versed in labor rules, doesn’t have to think twice about your scheduling rules, and is exceptional at putting your requests out to those concerned and getting back to you. You just call the shots and leave the rest to your assistant. Now you have more time to develop your competitive edge.

Here are some routine tasks OpenSimSim handles:

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    Applies templates to schedule, for example, just the way you did for this special event last year. Or copies schedules from week to week.

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    Finds a replacement for the staff who just called in sick, making sure s/he has the desired skills, is available and won't go into overtime with the added hours. After the manager selects the replacement, OpenSimSim completes the transaction, assuring that everyone is on the same page.

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    Communicates schedules directly to staff smartphones or web browser and indicates whether schedules or messages have been acknowledged.

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    Manages time-off requests with ease and enables employees to easily swap shifts without disrupting your schedule.

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    Facilitates instant communication with team members, which is much more efficient than texting or exchanging emails.

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    Through the Employee Message Board, keeps employees informed of company-wide news and/or messages

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    Through the Manager Log Book, provides manager-to-manager communication about shift handover notes, employee issues, and customer feedback.

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    Posts open-shift opportunities to employees at the click of a button, so you don't have to manually call or text people and wait for them to get back.

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    Let employees enter when they will be unavailable, so that you can keep track and know when not to schedule them.

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