San Diego Cafe Cuts Costs and Stays Compliant with OpenSimSim

Located in the bustling financial district of San Diego, Caffe 5 opened its doors in 2009. It is in a corporate building and serves both breakfast and lunch to building employees and corporate clientele.


As the owner of a small business, George Georges struggled to maintain proper schedules and attendance of employees among his other time-consuming duties. Additionally, California’s stringent compliance laws added another level of complexity to employee management and communications.

With the strict California labor laws, many small businesses are often challenged with lawsuits – some up to $90,000 – from unhappy employees. After facing similar challenges navigating employee scheduling and labor laws, Georges knew he needed an easier solution to ensure he never faced these issues again.


One day at his restaurant, Georges had a conversation with Eddie Starke and learned about OpenSimSim’s compliance capabilities – among others.

Georges had used and considered other compliance and employee management tools, but none had the same breadth and depth of capabilities as OpenSimSim, which additionally was only half of the cost of the other options. Although his cloud-based POS provider had the Time and Attendance functionality, it still lacked the important features of Compliance, Scheduling and cost-effectiveness of OpenSimSim. In addition, Georges was impressed with OpenSimSim’s proactive approach to compliance, with a feature that reviews schedules and provides alerts if companies are out of compliance – before even publishing the schedule.

Georges implemented the OpenSimSim kiosk with the geolocation and photographic attendance capabilities. Now he knows that all of his employees’ work time and breaks are accounted for with data – preventing threat of compliance litigation from disgruntled employees.

In addition to the time attendance and compliance functionalities, Georges uses the scheduling and messaging function with his employees. This has enabled him to cut time scheduling and manage time-off requests from employees.

“It’s such a necessity for us in what we do. Labor laws change by the minute. And it’s all about making sure that everybody’s compliant. I’ll happily pay the $2 per employee per month versus having issues in the long run. We’ve recommended this solution to another local caffe owner, and he can’t wait to get started.”


Since implementation, OpenSimSim has cut Caffe 5’s costs for an attendance and compliance feature by half. In addition to paying nearly half the price of other solutions, OpenSimSim offers twice the features. Most importantly, Georges now has peace of mind knowing his business is protected from any threat of compliance litigation.

OpenSimSim is a free employee scheduling software tool purpose built for businesses with hourly workers.

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