Compliance Tools

Custom rulesets to stay compliant with local employment laws

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    “Awesome app with everything I was looking for. Can't beat the price tag!”

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Easy to use labor compliance tools

  • Create custom rulesets

    You configure the rules, we enforce them

  • Protect your schedules

    Schedule warnings prevent breaches before they happen

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    Keeping watch, in real-time

    Overdue breaks and Overtime. Stay on top. Get notifications as they happen

  • Powerful reporting

    Intuitive analysis, identify trends and understand cost blow-out

Our compliance solution also offers Certification Tracking

Your business, your rules.

Protect what is most important to you,customise compliance rules that affect your business

  • Overtime – restrict or flag warnings, daily or weekly, your choice
  • Automated break allocation – auto-allocate paid and unpaid breaks based on worked hours
  • Maximum consecutive days – restrict scheduling staff across a maximum number of consecutive days
  • Penalty hours – apply penalty rates for specific times during the workweek
  • Public holidays – apply penalty rates for time worked on a public holiday
  • Labour costing – fully costed schedules

Compliance alerts on your timeclock, as they happen

Important real-time information to manage your business

Certification tracking, minimize your risk exposure

Manage, track and report on training, licenses and professional development required by your workers

  • Eliminate scheduling risks

    Ensure workers are qualified for their shift

  • Track & report with a certificates dashboard

    Keep track of all your certificates and expirations in one central location

Compliance with Timeclock, Reporting and Certifications Subscribe for $2 USD per active worker per month

Compliance will add value to your business

Try it completely free for 30 days. No credit card required. No setup fees. No obligation.