Compliance protects your business

Keep your business compliant with powerful, customised rulesets. Features include warnings for overtime costs, scheduling rule breaches & timecard anomalies.

Compliance – protect yourself from workplace legislation.

TimeClock – keep it real, accurate indisputable data.

Timecards – payroll just got a whole lot easier.

Reports – see what’s really happening in your business.

Compliance protects your business

  • Legislated employee entitlements e.g. overtime and breaks, carry severe penalties for non compliant businesses.
  • Our compliance rules engine enables you to configure the rules that matter to your business. 
  • Prevent compliance breaches with restrictive rulesets or allow for breaches, but get notifications when they do.
Compliance warnings and restrictions options

Customise compliance rules

  1. Overtime – manage daily and weekly overtime
  2. Automated break allocation – auto-allocate paid and unpaid breaks based on worked hours
  3. Maximum consecutive days – restrict scheduling staff across a maximum number of consecutive days
  4. Penalty hours – apply penalty rates for specific times during the workweek
  5. Public holidays – apply penalty rates for time worked on a public holiday

Know your business

  • See the cost of scheduled overtime 
  • Who works the most overtime?
  • Who continually forgets to take their allotted breaks?
  • Use our dashboard reports to see what’s really happening in your business and spot trends that may otherwise go unnoticed
Scheduling software showing paid breaks

Control your business

  • See the cost of scheduled penalties
  • Have visibility over compliance warnings and stop them before they happen
  • Customise warning levels so that you’re notified of the compliance rules that matter to you
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