Labor law compliance tools

An easy way to stay compliant with state and local employment laws

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    “Awesome app with everything I was looking for. Can't beat the price tag!”

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Reduce compliance risks and save on labor costs

Create custom compliance rules and enforce them in your schedule

  • Custom pay rates

    Set pay rates for overtime, public holidays and more

  • Schedule warnings

    Stop publishing schedules with compliance breaches

  • Real time alerts

    Mobile alerts for overdue breaks and overtime.

  • Powerful reporting

    Get added visibility into your sales and costs.

Our compliance solution also includes Certification Tracking

Your business, your rules

You make the rules. We make sure nobody breaks them.

  • Overtime – restrict overtime and get notified when employees near it
  • Automated break allocation – auto-allocate paid and unpaid breaks based on worked hours
  • Maximum consecutive days – prevent scheduling staff over a maximum number of consecutive days
  • Penalty hours – apply special pay rates for specific times during the week
  • Public holidays – apply special pay rates for public holidays
  • Labor costing – fully costed schedules

Get alerted of compliance breaches as they happen

Get notified of breaches via the mobile app so you can fix them quickly

Track worker certifications and minimize your risk exposure

Manage and keep track of training, licenses and professional development required by your workers

  • Eliminate scheduling risks

    Ensure workers are qualified for their shift

  • Track & report with the certificates dashboard

    Keep track of all your certificates and expirations in one central location

Our compliance software will save you time and money

Try it free. No credit card required.