Why communal clock-in kiosks are a thing of the past

With hygiene practices at the forefront, communal clock-in kiosks are out and personal devices are in


In many organisations employees are required to ‘clock-in’ and ‘clock-out’ of their shifts, allowing companies to record exact work hours and ensure compliance with meal and break legislation.

In older days time cards were inserted into mechanical punch clocks, printing the day and time onto the time card. Over time these were replaced with electronic time and attendance systems, with employees often swiping a card, entering an employee number or using fingerprint recognition to ‘clock-in’ for their shift.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene practices were highlighted worldwide with no touch policies and social distancing mandated. Having employees clock-in by touching a communal system – no matter how briefly – is no longer an option.

With OpenSimSim, employees can clock-in/out of their shift using their own mobile device, reducing the risk of spreading viruses amongst your staff.

Using the mobile time clock, organizations can also:

  • Set a clock-in radius to make sure employees are clocking in where they’re scheduled to work
  • Require photo confirmation for clock-in events, ensuring the right person is clocking in to work
  • Prevent workers from clocking in early
  • Allow workers to clock in without a scheduled shift
  • Create custom questions for workers to answer at shift clock out
  • Control how workers clock in and clock out for their breaks


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