Product Update: June 2019

We’ve pulled together a list of all the latest and greatest from the year so far at OpenSimSim!

🚀 New features

Sales forecasting (Free)

Sales forecasting is now available as a premium feature. Forecasts are produced based on historical sales data; entered either via manual upload or API integration with POS account.  Find out more here.

New POS integrations (Free)

Good news if your POS provider is MobileBytes, Clover or Square. You can now pass your sales history into OpenSimSim and use that data to:

  • Forecast future sales
  • Compare your labor costs against your actual sales

Customizable timecard exports (Premium)

Select which columns you want to include when you’re exporting timecards to payroll. Find out more here.

Timecard export for Heartland payroll (Premium)

Good news if your payroll provider is Heartland. You can now export your timecards in a CSV format that can be imported directly into Heartland.

💡 Newly Enhanced

Timecards redesign (Premium)

We’ve given your Timecards a fresh a new look and added a bunch of new functionality too.

  • More efficient timecard processing
  • Consolidated export options
  • Simplified design
  • Greater flexibility

Learn more:

📅 Coming Soon

Cloud storage of unlimited schedules (Premium)

Unlimited storage of schedules is now a premium feature. Free users can . access schedules up to 4 weeks in the past as well as print all their historical schedules.

Import workers from your POS (Free)

Good news if your POS system is Heartland, Square or Clover. Whenever you add a new worker to your POS they instantly get added to OpenSimSim as well.

Intraday sales vs labor costs reporting (Premium)

Our premium users who integrate their POS will be able to compare their sales and labor costs on an intra-day basis.

Bulk worker import (Free)

Quickly import your workers in OpenSimSim using a CSV file.

Prevent short breaks (Premium)

For a full breakdown of all our features see our Pricing page:

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