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employee scheduler

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What Managers Love

Scheduling is a breeze

  • Schedule templates enable weekly schedules to be created in minutes

  • Staff availability and hours worked are all in one place, avoiding scheduling conflicts and accidental overtime

  • Budget view helps keep your labor costs in line with your budget

  • Published schedules are received by employees in real-time directly to their mobile devices

Manage from anywhere

  • Manage your schedules from anywhere using your mobile device

  • Communicate effectively with staff using message board and chat functionality

  • Get notifications to inform you when action has to be taken, or if you choose to manually approve shift swaps.

  • Save time by optionally allowing staff to swap or drop shifts within the app.

What Employees Love

Everything is up-to-date and in one place

  • Schedules and notifications are published in real time directly to your mobile device

  • See who else is scheduled to work

  • Use message boards and chat to communicate with other staff

Control your own schedule

  • Update your own availability and submit time-off requests to communicate availability

  • Send co-workers shift swap invitations

  • Pick-up extra shifts by applying for shift opportunities

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