What's happening in your business?

Understand your labour costs. Why / when is overtime worked?
Who are the repeat offenders? See what goes unseen.

Compliance – protect yourself from workplace legislation.

TimeClock – keep it real, accurate indisputable data.

Timecards – payroll just got a whole lot easier.

Reports – see what’s really happening in your business.

Deal with time theft

  • Spot the trends of who routinely takes more than their allotted breaks.
  • Gain visibility of early clock-ins and late clock-outs over an extended period of time.
  • Identify when over/under scheduling occurs.
Scheduling software penalty hours screenshot

Identify repeat offenders

  • Who’s working the most overtime?
  • Who’s routinely late to start their shifts?

Manage your compliance risks

  • Stop compliance breaches before they happen.
  • Keep track of staff compliance with their scheduled breaks.

See what's happening now

  • Full visibility of your labour force in real time.

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