5 Best Time Clock Apps In 2019

There are so many different time clock apps in 2019 it’s a job in itself to know which one to choose for your business’ needs.

In this list we’ve tried to narrow your choices down to the 5 apps we believe are the best in the market.

1. OpenSimSim

Pricing: $2.99/employee/month

OpenSimSim is a fully integrated employee scheduling and time and attendance solution for mobile, web and tablet. The software was built to cater to the needs of businesses with hourly employees and is used mostly in restaurants, retail and healthcare.

The easy and intuitive scheduler allows you to create a schedule in minutes. Once you’re ready to start tracking time, employees can clock in from their mobile devices or a tablet onsite. Geofencing ensures mobile clock ins can only occur in the scheduled location. Photo clock ins eliminate buddy punching from your business forever.

OpenSimSim allows you to track overtime, paid/unpaid breaks and attendance across unlimited locations. Real-time notifications on employees keep you informed on who’s late, who’s nearing overtime, who’s in overtime, who’s missed their break and more. View and edit timesheet errors to get accurate labor costing.

Once you’re ready to do payroll, their payroll integrations allow you to export timesheet data to payroll quickly and easily. OpenSimSim’s powerful reporting capabilities provide easily readable reports on scheduled vs actual hours, labor vs sales, employee punctuality and more.

2. Time Clock Wizard

Pricing: $34.95/month

Time Clock Wizard allows you to track employee work hours, collect absences, late clock-ins, PTO and more. Staff can clock in from their mobile phones, tablet or desktop on site.

Payroll integrations allow you to generate payroll reports from tracked time easily and quickly. Its’ scheduling software includes the option to schedule employees with alternating work days and pay rates.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android make it convenient to access time clock records on the go. Use photo verification on clock-in to eliminate buddy punching from your business.

3. OnTheClock

Pricing: $2.20/employee/month

On the clock is a mobile-only time clock app. Employee clock in and out from their mobile devices in pre-authorized locations. Geofencing ensures employees are onsite when they clock in so you don’t need to worry.

Make managing and tracking PTO easier as employees can request it right from the app. The app also enables you to view and adjust employee timecards. Clock map allows you to see the mapped location where an employee clocked in from.

Manage clocks in via jobs and department. There is also the option to set up a timeclock tablet onsite.

4. Clockify

Pricing: $30/month/location

Clockify is a highly affordable employee time clock app. Employees use the online timer so you can see who works on what and track time and attendance in your business.

Do away with paper timecard and expensive hardware. Clockify caters for both onsite and offsite employees. Employees can clock in on their mobile phones or a desktop to record breaks and attendance.

In the event an employee forgets to clock in they can add the missing time manually. With Clockify you can track work hours for specific projects, calculate labor costs and payroll, track paid and unpaid breaks and time off and track project progress as well.

An added bonus of Clockify is that it works offline so you can keep tracking data at all times.

5. Exactime

Pricing: Contact ExakTime to request full pricing information and quotes

Exactime is an app that specializes in mobile time tracking. It aims to make it easier to track time, attendance and locations across multiple job sites. The app also has functionality so can schedule employees to the locations where they need to clock in.

In Exactime everything runs through their mobile clock-in app that is GPS enabled so you can ensure employees are clocking in from where they’re scheduled. Use the app to get 100% labor cost data and also to ensure payroll compliance to protect yourself from local labor laws around employee scheduling.

GPS tracking makes it easier than ever to manage traveling workers and crews on the job site. Get real time data on the location of your workers and the speed of their travel.

Mobile timecards allow workers to view a breakdown of their hours to keep them accountable and productive whenever they’re on the clock.

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