The all-inclusive scheduling software for your hotel or resort

No matter if you're a boutique hotel, bed and breakfast or five star resort, our employee scheduling app will keep your workers happy and save you time and money.

Fluffy towels. Room Service. OpenSimSim.

An essential tool for organising your hotel or resort.

  • Ensure staff coverage for holiday and peak seasons
  • Understand seasonal worker availability and roster accordingly
  • Make rosters for specific departments, such as Housekeeping
  • Roster your employees to meet your department budget
  • Eliminate manual timesheets by using mobile time clocks
  • Be compliant with local labor laws including overtime
  • Auto-allocate and enforce meal and rest breaks for hours worked
  • See real-time attendance - who's at work, running late, or on break
  • Compensate employees for working specific days or times

The fully-featured employee scheduling and time clock app that keeps you organized

Online schedule maker, mobile time clock, powerful comms, available anywhere

  • Tablet timeclock

    iPad & Android based tablet apps lets workers clock-in on-site

  • Real-time notifications

    Managers get alerted for late clock ins, overdue breaks, overtime and unscheduled shifts

  • free employee schedule maker
    Communicate better

    Private and group messaging. Share the schedule in one click. Employees get automatically reminded before their shift starts.

  • Selfie clock in

    Photo clock in will eliminate buddy punching from your business by preventing employees from clocking in to shifts they're not scheduled to work.

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  • "It is really easy to handle. The rota is created on no time, swapping shifts has never been this easy, monthly accumulated shifts are just passed on to accounting and salary is paid.

    Love the idea that you are
    informed about shift opportunities, too to make extra money."

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    Isabell M - Front of House manager
  • "We use this every week with scheduling everyone for who's working and when. It's really great because before we used this we just had an Excel sheet and it had to be emailed out and with this, we can also see if they have acknowledged the shift where as with emailing it, it would be such a hassle with making sure everyone knew when they worked."

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    Mitchell V - Food and Beverages
  • "OpenSimSim is making scheduling so much easier and quicker for me. It is also making it so I don't have to chase down staff for their timecards for payroll.... all of the info is ready at my fingertips whenever I need it.

    I love how easy Opensimsim is to use ...and how quick the response to questions are. Great service all around."

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    Amanda P - Events Services

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