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Supermarkets. Department stores. Clothes shops. No matter what you sell or where you sell it, our online retail scheduling app saves you time and money.

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The retail scheduling software you need to organize your retail staff

  • Ensure coverage for peak shopping times using sales forecasting
  • Create rosters for specific departments, such as Toys or Shoes
  • Track multiple stores at a single account level
  • Auto-allocate and enforce meal and rest breaks for hours worked
  • See real-time attendance - who’s at work, running late, or on break
  • Compensate employees for working specific days or times
  • Proactively manage overtime in your schedules and timecards
  • Review and let workers manage shift swaps
  • Stop time theft by recording accurate working hours
  • Access schedules 24x7 via an employee mobile app

Employee scheduling software that saves you countless hours

Schedule for the season. Ensure labor compliance. Manage time off requests. Access anywhere, anytime.

  • Schedule efficiently

    View staff availability, save schedules as templates, make changes and notify staff for changes instantly

  • free employee schedule maker
    Communicate better

    Private and group messaging. View who has seen your messages.

  • Keep up-to-date

    Access up-to-date schedules anytime. Receive instant notifications when schedules are published. Be automatically reminded of your next shift.

  • Simplify time tracking

    Turn any tablet into a time clock, or let your staff clock-in from their phones.

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  • "We love this scheduling app - it is so easy to use and it is accessible from mobile devices for all team members. There is little to no ramp up time for adding new employees and changes can be made on the fly.

    Best of all we do all of this using the free version of the software! As a small business budget is very tight, home are the days of excel spreadsheets and emails."

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    Nikki B - Retail
  • "It's so helpful to have the schedule on you whenever you need it. It's made it way easier for my staff to get their shifts covered on their own.

    Allowing the app to assign sections to my staff, it has given me the tools to help maintain order on my sales floor as well. I don't know how I worked for so long without it!"

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    Marissa W - Retail
  • "This software is very easy to use. It allows me to schedule employees on days when they absolutely must be here, offer up optional shifts, and immediately tells employees that a new schedule has been published (this has dramatically reduced the amount of texts I get at 10:30 Sunday night asking when an employee is scheduled to work).

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    Maggie B, Retail

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