Free employee time clock app

Track employee time and attendance without the hassle. Employees can clock in from their phone or tablet onsite. Easily export timesheet data to payroll.

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    “Switching over to OpenSimSim’s time clock has saved me countless hours and reduced employee lateness”

    Steven L - Capterra Review

A free employee time clock that makes life easier for managers

  • Online time clock

    Online time clock

    Let your employees clock in on our online time clocks for tablet or mobile

  • Time clock app

    Time clock app

    Time clock app for your iOS and Android device

  • Portable time clock

    Portable time clock

    Set your tablet time clock anywhere on your business premises

  • Time card app

    Time card app

    Manage all your timecards right from within the mobile app

  • Mobile time clocks

    Mobile time clocks

    Let your employees clock in on their mobile devices

  • Photo clock in

    Photo clock in

    Stop buddy punching in your business by getting employees to take a photo on clock in

  • Timesheets


    A complete timesheet management solution on desktop and mobile

  • Control overtime

    Control overtime

    Get notified when employees are nearing overtime

  • Reporting


    Get detailed reporting on scheduled vs actual labor costs, clock in punctuality, break punctuality and more

  • Payroll Export

    Payroll Export

    Export your approved timesheets to payroll in a click

  • Remote locations

    Remote locations

    Employees can clock in to offsite addresses with our GPS integrated mobile time clock

  • Clock out reminders

    Clock out reminders

    Get notified when an employee forgets to clock out

  • Unscheduled shifts

    Unscheduled shifts

    Allow on call employees to clock in to unscheduled shifts on short notice

  • Clock in radius

    Clock in radius

    Set a radius to make sure employees clock in where they're scheduled to work

  • Break notifications

    Break notifications

    Get notified when an employee forgets to clock in to or misses a scheduled break

  • Tips & Sales

    Tips & Sales

    Collect tips and sales when an employee clocks out of their shift

  • Clock out questions

    Clock out questions

    Create questions for employees to answer on shift clock-out.

  • Disclaimers


    Create terms and conditions the worker must accept / decline upon clocking out.

  • Live Attendance

    Live Attendance

    Get a real time view of attendance on the mobile app

  • Overtime


    Track and help minimize overtime in your business

  • Paid & unpaid breaks

    Paid & unpaid breaks

    Track paid and unpaid breaks with time clock

  • Timesheet warnings

    Timesheet warnings

    Get an overview of missed breaks, no shows, and other errors with out timesheet solution

  • Public holidays

    Public holidays

    Make sure employees get paid accurately for public holidays

  • Forecasted sales

    Forecasted sales

    Integrate your POS system to generate a sales forecast you can budget against

  • Automated breaks

    Automated breaks

    Create rules to automatically allocate breaks your employees can clock in to

  • POS integrations

    POS integrations

    We integrate with several POS providers including Square, Clover and Heartland

  • Prevent early clock ins

    Prevent early clock ins

    Block employees from clocking in too early to their shifts

  • Late employee alerts

    Late employee alerts

    Get notified if an employee clocks in late to work

Employee time tracking software for tablet & mobile

Use our time clock to verify employee attendance when approving timesheets and processing payroll.

  • Tablet Time Clock

    Use our time clock app for tablet (iPad & Android) to have a fixed terminal at work your employees can clock in from. Use our facial recognition technology to ensure the employee clocking in is the one scheduled.

  • Mobile Time Clock

    Each of your employees have a time clock in their pocket with our mobile time clock app. Curb time theft and use GPS integration to ensure employees only clock in when and where they're scheduled to work.

Get more accurate payroll & stay compliant with labor laws

Use our employee time clock app to make sure employees take their breaks + prevent buddy punching & eliminate time theft from your business.

  • GPS time clock

    Use our GPS enabled time clock app to eliminate time theft and verify your employee clock in & clock out locations.

  • Selfie clock in

    Photo clock in will eliminate buddy punching from your business by preventing employees from clocking in to shifts they're not scheduled to work.

  • Break planning

    Stay compliant with local labor laws by tracking paid & unpaid breaks. Make sure employees take breaks and get notified if an employee misses their break.

  • Tips & Sales Tracking

    Capture tips and sales when employees clock out of their shifts to gauge their productivity and make better scheduling decisions.

Simplify timesheet management and run payroll faster

Review and approve online timesheets easily. Run payroll in minutes with streamlined, accurate data.

  • Timesheet summary

    Hours, breaks and cost breakdowns for the pay period

  • Break notifications

    Get notified if an employee skips their break

  • Edit timesheets on the fly

    Edit & approve timesheets from the mobile app

  • Payroll export

    Export timesheet data to payroll in a few clicks

Attendance reporting

Gain valuable insights into workforce productivity using data captured by the time clock app

  • Identify unscheduled labor costs with Scheduled vs Actual Hours
  • Spot repeat offenders with Overtime Reports
  • See how your staff compare with Tips vs Sales
  • Identify latecomers with Punctuality Reporting
  • Check you're in compliance with Break Punctuality

Get the most out of Time Clock with OpenSimSim’s Compliance Tools

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  • Square POS helps your business no matter what stage you’re in. Key capabilities include online payment processing, sales reports, inventory and digital receipts, as well as valuable analytics information.

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  • Heartland Payroll is an accounting software made for your business to manage your numbers effortlessly. Heartland provides payroll services to businesses large and small with customizable solutions.

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