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Looking for a security guard scheduling template? You need more than Excel: you need an online employee scheduling solution that will save you time and money.

Flashlight. Radio. OpenSimSim.

An essential tool for organizing your security workforce.

  • Save time scheduling your team even for overnight shifts
  • Create site-based schedules for events or contracted services
  • Avoid potential worker shortages by monitoring guard availability
  • Handle increased absenteeism with shift swaps
  • Provide a location map to employees when shifts are published
  • Set a clock-in radius to ensure employees clock-in at the right place
  • Enable photo confirmation to prevent buddy punching
  • Stop time theft by recording accurate working hours
  • Use in-app messaging to supplement shift briefings

Fully-featured employee scheduling software for security organizations.

Never be short staffed. Fill shifts fast. Manage time off requests. Track timesheets.

  • GPS time clock

    Use our GPS enabled time clock app to eliminate time theft and verify your employee clock in & clock out locations.

  • Offsite addresses

    Include shift notes and the offsite address your workers need to be at for their shift.

  • free employee schedule maker
    Communicate better

    Private and group messaging. Share the schedule in one click. Employees get automatically reminded before their shift starts.

  • Selfie clock in

    Photo clock in will eliminate buddy punching from your business by preventing employees from clocking in to shifts they're not scheduled to work.

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  • "I took over as operations supervisor of my company with added responsibility of scheduling. The old paper/pencil calendar on the wall was not working out too well under previous administration. The very first order of business was to find a program that was affordable and done the job. I found this free app and gave it a try and WOW. I am still to this day amazed that we have so much functionality and features for free. Opensimsim has transformed how we schedule and interact with our employees. I hope this company continues to grow and offer this app to us, I would truly be lost without it. "

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    Michael M - Public Safety
  • "I have worked in the Operational Management sector for many years and always found employees coming up with new excuses when not turning up for work or 'I didn't know I was in'. This cuts all this out as it verifies when shifts have been confirmed by employees. It also cuts out tons of paper when doing shift swaps, annual leave and printing out rostas saving time and money."

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    Lee J - Retail Security
  • "I started a new job and was tasked with managing an employee schedule for 50 employees. The method that was being used was literally a calendar with people's names on it. It was very confusing and employees were constantly confused about when they were working and trying to swap shifts was a nightmare. OpenSimSim was the perfect solution to help me clean up the scheduling data and give my employees clarification of when they are working, and flexibility to manage their shifts and availability. It has cut the time I spend managing my schedule from 10-12 hours to 1-2 hours a week."

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    Louis C - Security and Investigations

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