When you work in healthcare, time is critical

Get precious time back with our online employee scheduling app.

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An essential tool to organizing your health care facility

  • Use schedule templates to create schedules in minutes
  • Create rosters for specific departments such as radiology or ENT
  • Avoid worker shortages by monitoring employee availability
  • Handle increased absenteeism with shift swaps
  • Ensure replacements have the right skills
  • Proactively manage overtime in your schedules and timecards
  • Simplify communication with private and group messaging
  • View schedules anywhere via the employee mobile app

Fully-featured employee scheduling software for health care facilities

Use schedule templates. Approve shift trades. Manage time off requests. See who's available and when.

  • Schedule on the fly

    Build the employee schedule and make changes from wherever you are. Find replacements with a few clicks

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    Communicate better

    Private and group messaging. Employee shift reminders and confirmations.

  • Everything in one place

    Up-to-date employee availability. Approve time off and shift trade requests.

  • Powerful reporting

    Get added visibility into your coverage. Expiry reminders for staff training or certifications.

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  • "10 stars. I'm the supervisor of 3 different departments in a major hospital in NJ and creating the schedule was nightmare till I was able to get my hand on this app. I totally love it. And the staff thanked me all week bc finally they're able to see the entire week or two in full and get immediate updates when I change their shifts around.

    Thank you (from a happy manager)"

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    Duda D - Hospital & Health Care
  • "Helps us communicate available shifts with staff who are sleeping from night shifts or currently busy with a customer where we cannot communicate with them, during our 9-5 hours in the office.

    It's easy to train staff to use it. It is reasonably customisable for how we need to use it as an agency."

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    Tom C - Hospital & Health Care
  • "Scheduling across two stores with different operating hours used to be a real struggle for me and very time consuming. I would estimate it takes me 1/4 of the time to make a schedule than it used to. It's easy enough to use that I can even let my assistant managers or administrative assistant do the scheduling, and just step in to review it instead of doing it all myself - freeing up time to focus on what matters most to me, improving my business and increasing our returns."

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    Micah G - Mental Health Care

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