The employee scheduling app built with restaurants in mind.

No matter if you’re a cafe, bistro, restaurant or bar, our employee scheduling app will keep your workers happy and save you time and money.

Menu. Customer Service. OpenSimSim.

An essential tool for organizing your restaurant or bar

  • Create rosters for specific departments, such as front of house
  • Track multiple restaurants at a single account level
  • Auto-allocate meal & rest breaks based on hours worked
  • Eliminate manual timesheets by using mobile time clocks
  • Compensate employees for working specific days or times
  • Invite workers to apply or be auto approved for open shift opportunities
  • Proactively manage overtime in your schedules and timecards
  • Keep your employees on time with 24x7 access to schedules

Employee scheduling software that saves you countless hours

Publish schedules in minutes. Ensure labor compliance. Manage time off requests. Access anywhere, anytime, all from your device.

  • Tablet time clock

    Time clock app for tablet (iPad & Android) your employees can clock in from.

  • Real time notifications

    Manager alerts for late clock ins, overdue breaks, overtime and unscheduled shifts

  • free employee schedule maker
    Communicate better

    Private and group messaging. Share the schedule in one click. Shift reminders for employees.

  • Selfie clock in

    Eliminate buddy punching using photo clock-ins. Prevent early clock ins.

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  • "I like that it's easy to use. I can make a template to start and drag & drop or copy times to other employees.

    Being able to work on the schedule at home and at work is a plus also with it being internet based."

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    Ron S - Restaurant
  • "Loved it from day one of use so simple to use and easy for staff to understand.

    With OpenSimSim I save so much time that I would have wasted texting staff or messing up holidays or staff would mess up time off requests. But with OpenSimSim it’s now a part of the staff’s language and life.

I highly recommend OpenSimSim and will never stop using it."

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    Jim K - Food and Beverage
  • "I would definitely recommend OpenSimSim for any busy restaurant. It makes it so easy to connect to everyone on one forum and you don't have to worry about texting 10 different numbers to get a shift covered or not having someone's phone number, etc.

    One hundred percent recommend."

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    Brianna B - Hospitality

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