5 Best Online Schedule Maker Tools

Employee Schedule Maker



The only completely free (unlimited locations, unlimited users) employee scheduling solution in the marketplace. Purpose built to schedule hourly employees in restaurants, cafes, bars, retail, healthcare, higher education and more. Used across 10,000 businesses.

Save time scheduling every week with schedule templates, fill open shifts and find replacements with shift opportunities, let workers swap shifts independently, keep everyone accountable with shift reminders and manage time off. Mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to schedule and make changes on the go as well as well as message workers quickly.


A simple and limited but easy to use scheduling app. Good for keep track of when employees work, but difficult for scheduling multiple shifts. A good middle ground between scheduling using a pen and paper and a fully featured scheduling app.

Doodle is a strictly web based schedule maker that allows you to create a schedule and text the link to your employees, make changes to the schedule and have them viewed in real time and plan meetings for your employees and team. It does not, however, take into account overlapping shifts and time off so it can be a bit of a headache if your scheduling process is a little complicated.

Appointment Schedule Maker



An online appointment scheduling solution that caters for the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. Used in gyms, fitness, personal-training centers, salons, spas and massage centers and more. Also functions as a wait list and staff management system.

With MindBody you can book appointments through Facebook and automate scheduling through email and text. Staff management featrues include check in check out management, payroll management. MindBody’s custom API access also gives you access to a large marketplace of apps that can be integrated with it like Xero and Wellness 365.

Class/College Schedule Maker



Coursicle is a fantastic tool to plan your classes and get into the classes you want. It makes class registration easier for all parties. With a huge database of colleges (you can request your college if it’s not on their database) create the best class schedule for you.

Get notified when a class you’re interested in has an available seat and browse the entire course catalogue with their filter based search. Learn more about the class, instructor, times, gen eds and more. When you’re ready save all the classes you’re interested in taking and narrow your final schedule by removing classes that conflict.

Personal Schedule Maker


Week Plan

A personal productivity and priority planning tool for highly effective people. 420,000 users which include MIT and NASA. Identify your priorities and makes progress toward your goals in an efficient and adaptive manner. Available on smartphone and desktop. Integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook.

Schedule high impact tasks so it’s easier to say no to the less important stuff. Schedule tasks by the role/area of your life they’re associated with (parenting, work, etc). A weekly view helps keep your priorities in focus and sharpen your time management skills. Team features allow comments and to see what others in your team are up to.

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