9 Easy Steps: How To Make A Schedule In Excel

Should you schedule your employees in Excel?

Scheduling your employees can be intimidating, especially if you have a lot of them.

There are a lot of employee scheduling apps out there to make the job easier, but if your employee schedule isn’t too complex or time-consuming Microsoft Excel can do the job fine.

The free and reusable Excel employee schedule attached below allows you to:

  • Add employees
  • Assign them shifts & split shifts
  • Add unpaid breaks
  • Calculate labor costs
  • Easily make changes to the work schedule

Click here to download the schedule

How to make a schedule in Excel:

1. Getting started with the template
    • Download the file on your computer and open it
  • Click “Enable editing” and “Enable content” as these prompts appear 
2. Select the start day of the week
  • Enter the start date of your schedule in format mm/dd/yyyy
  • The day of the week will change automatically depending on what start date you enter

3. Select how many days you want to schedule for
  • The default number of days you can schedule for is 8
  • To add more days copy the whole last column and insert the copied cells to the right of the last column as many times as needed
  • To reduce the number of days you want to schedule for simply delete as many columns as you’d like
4. Add your employees
    • The default number of staff in the schedule is 20 
    • If you’d like to schedule more than 20 staff, copy the whole last row and insert the copied cells below the last row as many times as needed
  • If you’d like to reduce the number of staff simply delete as many rows in the schedule as you’d like

5. Assign employees their shifts
    • You must enter shifts into the schedule in the format 9am-5pm
  • If one of your staff is working 2 or more shifts in one day enter split shifts by entering the next shift separated by a slash /
Regular shifts

Split shifts

6. Add unpaid breaks (optional)
  • If you want to deduct an unpaid break from a shift, enter the break separated by a slash
  • You must enter it in this format: X minute break

7. Calculate labor costs
  • Enter each worker’s hourly rate
  • And Excel will calculate their pay for the schedule

8. Finishing up
  • Save the schedule under any name you like (e.g. Schedule 1)
  • Send it your employees when you’re ready
  • And you’re done!
9. Next time round

When it’s time to make the next employee schedule simply:

  • Open the last schedule you made
  • Build the schedule as you did last time (following the above steps)
  • And save it under a new name (e.g Schedule 2)

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