When location matters: scheduling employees at offsite locations

As outsourcing continues to grow, employees are commonly scheduled to work at locations other than their own employer’s.


It seems everything these days is outsourced: our food is delivered to us by Deliveroo; our houses are cleaned by professional cleaning companies; we’re ferried around town by Uber.

Businesses are no different. Outsourcing continues to rise, with traditional services such as IT infrastructure, call centres, and security largely outsourced to third parties, allowing businesses to focus on the ‘bread and butter’ of their business.

For the businesses that provide the outsourced services, this often results in pools of employees working at dispersed locations – rather than at its own employer’s office.

Here are some handy tips when using OpenSimSim to schedule employees at offsite locations:

  • If your business operates across multiple sites, set-up a location for each site, all managed under a single company account.
  • Use the ‘offsite addresses’ feature to define the address the shift is to be worked at. Offsite addresses can be applied against an individual schedule or on an as-needed basis, with employees clearly notified of the shift address.
  • Provide a location map to employees when shifts are published, ensuring they know where to go
  • Set a clock-in radius to ensure employees clock-in at the correct location
  • Use in-app messaging to keep in contact with offsite employees


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