Healthcare agency cuts scheduling time by 92 percent with OpenSimSim

Nexim Healthcare Consultants Inc. is a medical staffing agency located in Ontario, Canada. The agency builds client – caregiver partnerships to ensure families and facilities always have the care they need. Nexim has locations in Toronto, Barrie and Oshawa.


Operations manager Dave Khanania struggled to maintain a schedule for nearly 450 employees. As an agency that sends caregivers directly to facilities and patient homes, Nexim employees never came to an office.

Khanania was spending 4-6 hours a week creating an Excel spreadsheet of schedules. If one person called in sick or could not make a shift, he would have to go down the list and call each individual person to see if he/she could take the available shift – adding hours to his already time-consuming scheduling process. Khanania soon began exploring digital scheduling options that could ease the burden of the scheduling process, aid in accounts payable and ensure compliance with medical certifications and standards.


Khanania had explored online scheduling options for years and found OpenSimSim was best suited to fit the unique needs of his medical staffing agency. With the ease of the web-based application, GPS tracking, timestamps and unique compliance functionality, OpenSimSim was able to meet all of the needs and specifications of Nexim and scale with the company. Specifically, the GPS tracking and timestamps allowed for Nexim to accurately know when, where and how long employees worked at specific sites, ensuring employees work their shifts and patients receive the care they need.

“Our employees are often in transit, off-site with patients,” Khanania said. “OpenSimSim allows us to track and manage employees in addition to scheduling them. The team even enabled additional features upon request to fit our needs, which was a game-changer in the search for an online scheduling system.”


Since implementation of OpenSimSim, Nexim has reduced its scheduling time by 92 percent. Khanania can now alert all employees of available shifts in real-time and ensure equal opportunity to receive shifts, which has helped in employee satisfaction and retention. In addition, the GPS and timestamps have increased efficiency with payroll by eliminating any question on hours and locations worked. The compliance feature has allowed them to easily ensure caregivers have the proper medical certifications and requirements.

“For Nexim, OpenSimSim is more than an online scheduling tool. It allows us to better provide for both our employees and the patients we serve,” said Khanania. “When our time, employees and resources are used efficiently, our patients see the benefits of that.”

OpenSimSim is a free employee scheduling software tool purpose built for businesses with hourly workers.

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