Cannabis Retailer Cuts Scheduling Time in Half with OpenSimSim

Urbn Leaf started as a medical cannabis dispensary in San Diego. In 2018, with the legalization of retail cannabis in the state of California, Urbn Leaf transitioned into a modern retail cannabis boutique. Featuring a high-end, comfortable atmosphere and professional attitude that invites inquiry, discovery and conversation, Urbn Leaf has become a must-visit destination in southern California.


With more than 200 employees constituting front-of-house, production, inventory and delivery operations, Jenn Ahn, Director of Talent Acquisition, needed a solution that would streamline scheduling and allow for open communication between employees and management – without breaking the bank.

As a new boutique retailer, Urbn Leaf sought a solution that could scale with the constantly growing business – one that was easy to use for all employees, no matter age or skillset. Ahn wanted a solution that would work within every division of operations, and needed to find a solution that would work for people less technologically inclined.


Having used OpenSimSim at a previous company, Ahn knew immediately she needed to discuss the platform with her senior leadership team. After an initial consultation, the team learned the benefits and functionality associated with OpenSimSim. They were particularly impressed that the app was comprehensive, locally-based and ultimately, free.

After an introductory training session for management, Urbn Leaf was able to implement OpenSimSim immediately and has never strayed since. From 15 employees to now 200, OpenSimSim has scaled with the business and is a user-friendly tool that its employees utilize.

Urbn Leaf primarily uses the scheduling function and the messaging function. The app is its primary method of communicating company-wide announcements. In addition, Urbn Leaf has stayed in close contact with OpenSimSim customer service throughout the process.

“I would say it’s probably the best customer service that I’ve seen in any of the tech platforms that we use, and we use several different systems throughout the company,” said Ahn. “Trish and Eddie have been super responsive. I’ve even used the live chat a few times, and they’ve been on top of it.”


Since implementation, OpenSimSim has cut Urbn Leaf’s scheduling processes by 50 percent. In addition, Urbn Leaf has not had a single instance of an employee missing their shift due to not knowing their schedule, thanks to OpenSimSim. The mobile app accessibility makes it simple for employees to have 24-hour access to their schedule, so they are always aware of their shifts.

OpenSimSim is a free employee scheduling software tool purpose built for businesses with hourly workers.

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