Introducing our newest features to keep your team safe

As your business reopens, take a look at our new contact tracing report and clock-in disclaimers, designed to keep your employees safe.


Contact Tracing report

When the inevitable happens and an employee falls ill, the last thing you want is to be caught short scrambling to work out who might have been exposed. Enter – our new contact tracing report.

With a single button click, you can identify which employees have worked alongside a sick team member during a timeframe you choose. Contact details are displayed so you can get in touch quickly, or use the export function to view a list of all overlapping shifts worked during the period – giving you greater visibility of which employees may have had greater exposure.

Top tip: Look at scheduling groups of employees for the same shifts – if one employee falls sick, this limits the number of employees exposed.


Clock-in disclaimers

Protect your staff and your customers by requiring employees to complete a health-related disclaimer at the start of each shift. Choose whether to prevent workers from clocking-in if they disagree with the disclaimer, and be automatically notified via push notification when they do.

Clock-out disclaimers and questions are also available, where employees can confirm they’ve followed all health and safety policies during the shift.

Top tip: Taking employee temperature at the start of each shift? Record the value in a note against the timecard to preserve an audit trail.


Looking for more ways to keep your team safe?



Touch-free clock-ins

Having employees clock-in by touching a communal system (no matter how briefly) is no longer an option.

Instead, have employees clock in and out of shifts using a mobile time clock on their device – completely touch free. By using personal devices rather than a communal clock-in system, the risk of viruses spreading among staff is reduced.


Know who’s up-to-date

Track which employees have completed required COVID-19 training using certifications management, and enforce compliance that only those who have completed the requisite training can be scheduled.

Team members can be kept up-to-date on required hygiene practices and government regulations via in-app messaging, which includes a read function so managers know their post has been read.

Use the app – not the office computer

Have your employees downloaded our app yet? Using the app gives workers access to their shifts wherever they are – meaning they don’t need to make an unnecessary trip to their workplace to view their schedule. Similarly managers can use the app to make schedule changes and approve timecards, ensuring they spend less time using communal back office computers.


Easily find replacements for sick employees

When the inevitable happens and an employee falls sick, managers can create time off requests for the required duration. These requests will automatically unassign the sick employee from all of their shifts during this period.

Need to find a replacement worker? Managers can view up-to-date employee availability right in the app, so no more last minute phone calls or e-mails. They can even enable shift swaps so employees can manage these themselves. Obviously the more this is automated, the less potential face-to-face contact that is required. 

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